Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lincoln is 7!

My sweet boy is seven! This year he has definitely turned from being my little boy to all grown up. The past few holidays, and even last year's birthday, it was becoming more and more obvious that Lincoln was done with toys, even though he didn't want to be. 

This was the first time he got to open no toys. It was hard for me to go shopping and skip right past that isle. Like my heart was literally aching. Instead, I focused on what he loves. For his birthday he got a baseball bag to carry all his baseball gear, batting gloves, lots of clothes, two new card games, and swimming goggles. 

I told him beforehand that there were no toys in the presents, and he was definitely sad. I thought maybe I had messed up, and I was the one forcing him to grow up too fast. But once he opened his presents, he was beyond excited. 

The bag was his favorite part! He absolutely loves baseball. This is his first year playing, and although he is not the best on the field, he is improving so much in just a few weeks! He throws spot on and can hit almost every ball thrown his way. He struggles catching with a mitt, but I know he'll get better with practice. What we love most is that he is completely obsessed with it. We haven't seen this passion in sports with him yet, so we are just hoping it sticks around. At practices he tries his hardest and stays focused even for the boring parts...his first game is this Friday! 

Anyways...back to his birthday.

We woke up, and I made the boys smoothies. Then they went and made Maverick a birthday present to open since he was feeling sad that he didn't get any. Seriously, Lincoln is such a sweetheart! 

 Then we waited for dad to get home at 12:00 and opened presents! Lincoln let Maverick open 2 of his! 

After getting all ready, we headed out the door to go jump at this indoor trampoline place. It was fun! I'm a little too pregnant to jump like crazy, so I just bounced around and took lots of breaks. The boys(all three of them) never stopped, and Scott was dripping in sweat! 

After jumping, we headed home. We rented "Minions" and got Papa Murpheys pizza per Lincoln's request. Then we played some catch while the pizza cooked. The boys and I ate outside because the weather was just so darn nice.

Maverick requested to be buried in grass. 

Then we went inside and started the movie and had cake and ice cream. 

It was "the best birthday ever!" According to Lincoln. Which is pretty awesome,...even though he says that every year. 

Now a little more about Lincoln
1. He loves to read and do math. He constantly is pushing himself to be the best in his class.
2. He hates writing. Although he will sit there and write for hours in his notebook about random things, actually writing at school is torture. I am so impressed with how much he has improved this year, but spelling is definitely where he truly struggles. 
3. he loves baseball and asks every day to play with us. 
4. His best friend is Aubrey, and it's a good thing he doesn't read this, but she is also the girl he "knows he is going to marry." She's also his first crush. 
5. Maverick and him have a beautiful relationship. I cannot even describe how much they love each other. 
6. He has a huge heart. This kid can be a little emotional, but it's due to being so empathetic to those around him. He understands when kids struggle, he feels sad for Maverick when things don't go his way, and he keeps money in the car to give to homeless people. 
7. He loves to play games! He wants to play board games constantly! It's fun having someone to play with! 

Well there's 7 things for my 7-year-old. We sure do love him! 

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